E.R. – Evan Almighty, Vol. 1
  • Genre:Hip-Hop
  • Release date:07 Aug 2012

E.R. – Evan Almighty, Vol. 1

E.R. the CEO of RichSonz Inc. and dedicated music producer from Freeport, Long Island is currently striving to reach his musical ambitions by releasing the instrumental album titled “Evan Almighty.”

E.R. mentions the album is the 1st step in the process of presenting a new flood of hip hop music from Long Island, NY. With the motto “consistency marks quality,” E.R. has spent years in the lab with “dusty fingers” digging thru crates and bangin’ out beats on the MPC to hone his skills. Influenced by his talented father who was approached by Smokey Robinson for playing blues guitar, “Evan Almighty” is a mix of raw long island boom bap, soul and blues.

With full respect of the music making process, E.R. also plays the guitar, the drums and engineers. Additionally E.R. has worked with artists such as DJ Disco Twin, G-Dep, MeccaGodZilla, Rich Dolarz and Shea Davis. To date, RichSonz Inc. continues to provide consistent and quality music production and songwriting.

E.R.’s “Evan Almighty” is available worldwide by way of Datpiff


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